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Events in boats

Private Events

Eventos Privados

Birthday parties

Celebrate your birthday with a boat trip

Have you ever thought about organizing your birthday party on a boat?

Well, this is the opportunity to do what you've been planning for so long! Outdoors, your special group of friends, with all the comfort, security and privacy. 

We offer 2 Bottles of sparkling wine or white wine!  The right recipe for a fantastic and unforgettable day! 

Have fun and take the opportunity to take fantastic photos to remember later with your friends.

From - 2H - €350

boat trips on the Tagus
birthday party in the Tagus

Bachelorette Party

Rent a boat and say goodbye in style!

Do you want a dream program for your bachelorette party, a unique and special night, in which you are the main star?

Well, we have the ideal suggestion for the event you've been planning for so long!

Rent a boat and come celebrate your bachelorette or bachelor party, from the Tagus River to Cascais.

On the sea or on the river, an intimate group, comfort and safety, and you have the right recipe for an unforgettable night!

We have the right boat for your farewell, from the most affordable to the most exclusive. Bring your favorite soundtrack to listen to as you browse.

As you can see, you just have to combine with your best friends to have a memorable party.

From - 2H - €350

boat trips on the Tagus
bachelorette party in Tagus

Exclusive Events

Experience an unforgettable moment... Luxury, comfort and privacy.

Are you a connoisseur of luxury and "Dolce Vita", and do you have a nonconformist spirit that desires the extravagant?

Are you looking for a special environment that makes yours a unique and unforgettable event?

Come sail through Lisbon, Cascais or Sesimbra on a fantastic yacht, with all the comfort, security and privacy.

Stroll along its vast decks and feel the sun and the sea breeze. Enjoy a flute of French champagne while you mingle with your guests. Take the opportunity to cool off in the sea while you wait for a sublime meal.

Enjoy its luxurious interiors and refined design, to protect yourself from the outside with all the luxury and privacy.

With generous dimensions,   a refined design and exotic finishes, these yachts are the expression of luxury and the proof of a successful journey.

On request

Yacht70 Tacks Bow SB 400x400.png
Yacht _Regalis_ Lazy Lisbon Cruises
Eventos Corporativos

Corporate events

Organize your unique and special event... Make it a success!

Do you want to make a difference and are you looking for a unique and unforgettable place for your events?

Come sail along the Tagus, in fantastic motor or sailing catamarans, and make your event a success!

We offer you several options of elegant and superb catamarans, specially designed and conceived in order to offer you all the comfort, security and exclusivity that your private events need to stand out on the horizon. 

With vast decks, fantastic flybridges and spacious rooms, these superb catamarans are the ideal option for your business event, marketing campaigns or for your lunches and dinners with all the comfort, security and privacy.

On request

Sea Gull Catamaran
Catamaran Land Ahoy

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