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Boat Tours in Lisbon


Shared daily tour

Do you want to discover Lisbon's hidden secrets from a unique perspective?

So, don't miss the opportunity to take this fantastic tour, together with other passengers, on a luxurious catamaran, along the Tagus River, in a semi-private environment (maximum 18 passengers).

On these daily departures, from Doca de Santo Amaro and Doca do Espanhol, in Alcântara, you will have the opportunity to navigate and enjoy the spectacular views of the city, including Terreiro do Paço, Padrão dos Descobrimentos and Torre de Belém. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the mouth of the Tagus, feeling the sea breeze and the warmth of the sun on your skin, as the sun slowly sets over the horizon.

And if you want to make this experience even more unforgettable, keep an eye out because you might be close enough to photograph the dolphins swimming happily in the river.

Don't waste any more time and inform yourself now to make your reservation!

This boat trip along the Tagus will be an adventure that you will want to relive whenever you have the opportunity.

Join us in this unique experience and enjoy Lisbon in a way you never imagined possible.

From 55€/Pax

Belém Tower Lisbon
Pattern of Discoveries Lisbon
Sunset on the Tagus Lisbon
Pattern of discoveries Lisbon
Sunset on the Tagus Lisbon
MAAT twilight Lisbon
Passeio Sunset Lisboa

Private Boat Tour on the Tagus

The best boat trips on the Tagus! Welcome Drink Offer!

Get your friends together and organize a refreshing boat trip on the Tagus in Lisbon, with all the comfort, security and privacy.

Come sail aboard fantastic boats, from yachts, catamarans, sailboats, typical boats and a  lanchas. 

Discover riverside Lisbon from another perspective, passing through Terreiro do Paço, the Padrão dos Descobrimentos and the Belém Tower. 

Come and enjoy the natural heritage that is the mouth of the Tagus and feel the sun and the sea breeze. Who knows... Maybe you'll still be able to photograph the dolphins gliding along the river!

On the longer Tagus Boat Trips you will have time to take a dip and relax while enjoying our welcome drink with  the sound of your favorite soundtrack.

From 300€

Boat trips on the Tagus
boat trips on the Tagus
Passeio Privado no Tejo

Private tour towards Sunset

A fantastic journey towards the Sunset.

Are you looking for a different, unique and special program in Lisbon?

Try a boat ride on the Tagus and come on a fantastic journey towards the sunset! 

Gather your friends and set off on a fantastic adventure, on a unique and unforgettable boat trip, with all the comfort, security and privacy.

Come and discover riverside Lisbon and its seven hills gilded by the sun. Navigate through Terreiro do Paço (Commerce Square), Christ the King, the Monument to the Discoveries and the Belém Tower, among other tourist attractions. On the way back, at nightfall, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the night lights of the Tagus.

Enjoy, and while you enjoy our Welcome Drink, take some unforgettable photos, to remember later and share with your friends.

From 300€

Sunset on the Tagus by catamaran
Sunset on the Tagus by catamaran

Tour "Lisbon Land and Tagus"

The best of boat and Tuk-Tuk tours in Lisbon! Welcome Drink!

Join your friends in this different and fantastic adventure! The best of boat and tuk-tuk tours in Lisbon.  

Add a tuk-tuk ride, lasting two hours, and a boat ride on the Tagus, lasting two to four hours, and you have the right recipe for an unforgettable afternoon!

On the tuk-tuk tour through the characteristic streets and areas of tourist interest, you will visit Belém, Alcântara, Cais-do-Sodré, Bairro-Alto, Alfama and Graça, where you can see the architecture  and feel the vibe of the city and its people.

On the boat trip along the Tagus, you will have the opportunity to visit Praça do Comércio, the 25 de Abril Bridge, the Discoveries Monument and the Belém Tower from another perspective.

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the natural heritage that is the mouth of the river and the incredible Sunset reflected in its waters. Who knows... Maybe you can still see and photograph the Tagus dolphins!

On the four-hour boat trips, we anchor in front of a nearby beach for snacks and dips!

* - Example for a group of 6 people with a Tuk-Tuk.

From 75€/Pax *

TukTuk Beach 400x400.png
Catanaran sailing 400x400.png

Boat tour with lunch

A lunch off the beach. Dives and good mood! 

Looking for something unusual to do with your friends in Lisbon, outdoors and in nature? Does a tour along the Tagus, with lunch in a unique and different place, seem like a good option?

Rent a boat and spend a fantastic day with your friends, along a beach for lunch, diving and good mood!  An unforgettable experience with all the comfort, safety and privacy.

The route starts from the Santo Amaro Recreio Dock, navigating through the  important tourist spots, heading towards the agreed lunch spot. and the boat is ready for lunch.

Lunch and the afternoon will be spent along a nearby beach where you can bathe and have lunch.

On your way back you may catch the sunset and the dolphins in the Tagus.

* - Lunch not included in the price.

From 350€*

boat rental in lisbon
boat rental in lisbon

Boat tour with dinner

Sunset at sea with dinner at the marina. A different night...

Are you looking for a unique and special sunset in Lisbon or Cascais? A place for a different dinner in a private environment? What if you found them both in the same place?

Gather your friends and come on a boat trip on the Tagus aboard fantastic boats. Set off on a fantastic, unique and unforgettable journey towards Sunset. Sail along the coast of Lisbon and its tourist attractions, and while enjoying our welcome drink, take amazing photos to remember later and share with your friends. On your way back, as night falls you will have the opportunity to appreciate and record the riverside lights of Lisbon reflected in the river water.

The marina is followed by a dinner on the boat with a menu of your choice, well accompanied by a Portuguese wine, with all the comfort, security and privacy. We offer three catering menus, Party, Lunch and Excellence menu created for different occasions.

* - Dinner not included in the price.

From 350€*

Catamaran Night 400x400.png
Yacht _Regalis_ lazy lisbon cruises

Private Romantic Tour

Moments for two... Moments  unforgettable...

Follow Cupid and show your passion with a boat trip on the Tagus, for two, with dinner and overnight at the Doca de Santo Amaro in Lisbon or at the Cascais Marina.

Live a unique and unforgettable moment with your most desired company. 

Come on a boat trip for two, intimate and unforgettable. Feel the river, the sun and the wind, with all the comfort, privacy and security. 

On our romantic boat trips on the Tagus, you will discover a more romantic Lisbon, with its riverside monuments and its night lightsprojected  on the water  while enjoying a welcome drink to the sound of your favorite soundtrack until you reach the marina, where the table for dinner and the boat will be prepared for a special night.

* -Example for The "catamaran".

From 500€*

Romantic circular catamaran 400x400.png
boat trips on the Tagus

"Adrenaline" tour on the Tagus

Experience the Tagus as you never imagined!

Do you like strong emotions? Feel the wind, the sun and the river like you've never felt?

Organize a boat ride "Adrenaline" with your most daring group of friends and live a fast, unique and unforgettable experience, full of strong sensations.

Discover the Tagus and riverside Lisbon in a way you never imagined!

Take the opportunity to take some selfies in moments of calm, while enjoying your welcome drink, to remember later with your friends or family.

Have fun with all the comfort, security and privacy.

From 60€/Pax

boat trips on the Tagus
boat trips on the Tagus

Photo tour

Come to photograph the Tagus River, riverside Lisbon.  Who knows... dolphins

Dust the equipment and give wings to the photographer in you!

Come with us on this tour on the Tagus and discover Ribeirinha Lisbon with its fortresses, monuments, the seven illuminated hills, and who knows... maybe dolphins.

Explore the different luminosities and perspectives. Explore the snapshot of moments. Discover the secrets of the details and, while you enjoy a Welcome Drink and relax with the sound of your favorite band, take fantastic photos to show your friends and remember these unforgettable moments later.

From 60€/Pax

boat trips on the Tagus
Damao sunset 400x400.png
Form Passeios de Barco
Torre de Belém e anoitecer em lisboa

Sunset Boat Tour at Christmas

Christmas balls_edited.png

Come sail with us on Christmas Day, during sunset, along riverside Lisbon and its monuments, from Torre de Belém to Terreiro do Paço square.

Offer of Portuguese Christmas drinks and sweets

Departure - Doca de Alcântara, Lisbon | 16h00 - 18h00

Christmas Sunset boat Tour in lisbon

From €55 / Pax

Inquire and book now.

Thanks for sending!

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