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Terms and Privacy

1 - Boat Rental and Boat Trips booking services.

1.1 The User must carefully review the description of anyBoat Rental and Boat Tour Booking Servicesyou wish to book, to ensure that you (as well as any other users for whom you are booking) meet the minimum age, proficiency, physical fitness or other requirements specified by Lazy Lisbon Cruises.

At its sole discretion, the User may choose to inform Lazy Lisbon Cruises of any health or physical conditions or other circumstances that may affect the User's, and any additional Users', ability to participate in anyBoat Rental and Boat Tour Booking Services.In addition, certain laws may also apply, such as the minimum legal drinking age inBoat Rental and Boat Tour Booking Services.

You are responsible for identifying, understanding and complying with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to your participation.

1.2 Before and during aBoat Rental and Boat Trips Booking Service,the user must always respect the instructions of the Captain of the vessel.

2 - Service to book accommodation

2.1 You agree that a confirmed reservation for an Accommodation (“Accommodation Reservation”) corresponds to a limited license granted to you by the Host to enter, occupy and use the Accommodation only during your stay and that the Host (only and to the extent permitted by applicable law) retains the right to access the Accommodation.

2.2 The user accepts and undertakes to leave the Accommodation no later than the check-out time defined by the Host. If you stay beyond the agreed check-out time, without the Host's consent, it will be considered an excess of the period of stay and the user is no longer authorized to stay in the Accommodation, with the Host having the right to ask you to leave, consistent with applicable law. Furthermore, the user accepts and undertakes to pay, if requested to do so by the Host, for each twenty-four (24) hour period (or any part thereof) exceeding the period of stay, an additional fee per night two (2) times the average rate per night initially paid by you to cover the loss suffered by the Host, plus all Guest Fees, Taxes and any applicable legal expenses incurred by the Host to oblige it to leave, collectively referred to as “Excess Stay Fees”. Overstay Fees for late check-outs on the check-out date that do not affect subsequent bookings may be limited to additional costs incurred by the Host as a result of such overstay. If you exceed the Period of Stay, you authorize Lazy Lisbon Cruises to charge you the Excess Period of Stay Fees. If required by the Host, a Security Deposit may be applied to any Overstay Fees owed by a Guest for overstaying.

3 - Changes to Reservations, Cancellations and Refunds

3.1 Lazy Lisbon Cruises and the User are responsible for any changes to a booking and agree to pay any Fees and/or Taxes associated with Changes to Bookings.

3.2When contracting a reservation for a service, the user will have to make a Reservation Guarantee Payment, in the amount of 50% of the respective total value.
The User can cancel a confirmed reservation at any time, however, the amount given by the User to Lazy Lisbon Cruises as Payment of Reservation Guarantee will not be refundable.

3.3 Refunds, if any, will be made by bank transfer within a commercial period of up to 3 working days.

4 - Bad weather conditions and Services with navigation and Events

4.1 Regarding the reservation of services for renting boats and boat trips. If weather and sea conditions may pose a danger to passengers, Lazy Lisbon Cruises may reschedule the service, depending on the user's availability, or, if this is not possible, cancel it, proceeding with a full refund of the amount paid for it. The responsibility for the decision to cancel the service, for security reasons, lies solely with the skipper of the vessel.

5 - Damage to the vessel, Disputes with users


5.1 You are responsible for leaving the vessel (including any personal or other property located on the vessel) in the same condition as you found it when you arrived.

The user is responsible for his own acts and omissions, as well as for the acts and omissions of any person he invites or who in any way gives access to the vessel.

In the case of accommodation on the vessel, the customer will be charged, in cash and at the time of Check-in, the amount of €100 relating to the guarantee of good use of the accommodation. At the time of Check-out, and if the boat is in good condition, Lazy Lisbon Cruises will reimburse the user for the entire guarantee of good use of the accommodation.


5.2 If it is found that the user has damaged the vessel or any personal or other property, Lazy Lisbon Cruises may try to obtain compensation from the user.


5.3 The user understands and accepts that Lazy Lisbon Cruises may submit a claim for compensation, under its property insurance policy, tenant insurance or other insurance policy, related to any damages or losses that may have caused or for which it is responsible, to any Lazy Lisbon Cruises property.

The user agrees to cooperate and support Lazy Lisbon Cruises in good faith, and to provide it with the information requested by Lazy Lisbon Cruises, in order to present a claim for compensation under its insurance policy for a property, a tenant or other insurance policy, including, without limitation, signing documents and performing all acts that Lazy Lisbon Cruises may reasonably request to assist it to carry out the foregoing.


Privacy Policy

1 - Collection of information

We receive, collect and store information that you enter on our website or otherwise provide to us. We may use tools to measure and collect browsing information, including page response time, total time spent visiting certain pages, page interaction information, and methods used to leave the page. We also collect personally identifiable information (including name, email, means of communication); payment details (including credit card information), comments, feedback, recommendations and personal profile.

2 - When do we collect?

When you perform an action on our website, as part of the procedure, we collect the personal information you provide such as name, address and email address. Your personal information will be used for the specific actions mentioned below only.

We collect this Personal and Non-Personal Information for the following purposes:

  1. To provide and operate the Services;

  2. To provide our users with ongoing customer service and technical support;

  3. To be able to contact the Customer with general or personalized service-related notices and promotional messages;

  4. To create aggregated statistical data and other aggregated and/or inferred non-personal information, which may be used by us or our business partners to provide and improve our respective services;

  5. To comply with any applicable laws and regulations.

3 - Where do we store the information?

3.1 - Our website is hosted on the platform. provides an online platform that allows you to sell products and services to customers.

Your information may be stored in the database. stores your information on firewall-secured servers. complies with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) rules and is recognized as a Tier 1 vendor.

PCI DSS is an information security standard for organizations or businesses that accept credit card payments. This standard helps create a secure environment, improving the quality of cardholder data and reducing credit card fraud.

4 - Communication with users

4.1 - We may contact you to notify you about your account, to help you resolve an issue relating to your account, to resolve a payment dispute, to collect fees or debts, for surveys or questionnaires, for news about our company or for any other reason that requires a revision of the contract in accordance with local laws. For this, we may contact you via email, telephone, text messages and post.

5 - Updates to the Privacy Policy

5.1 - We have the right to modify our privacy policy at any time, so check it regularly. The changes will be immediately put into effect after the change on the Lazy Lisbon Cruises website.

If we make changes to the materials in this policy, we will notify you so that you are aware of what information we collect and how we use it.

6 - How to withdraw consent?

6.1 - If you wish to cancel the authorization for the collection of your personal information, please contact us attelephoneor send amessage.

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